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An exceptional home-building experience

We are a family of builders motivated by our love of bringing architecture and design ideas to life. And we work with people who, in turn, appreciate the craft of construction. Our commitment to providing an exceptional experience for our collaborators, each other, and most notably, our clients means that our relationships are solid and long-standing, just like the homes we build.

Our People

Project Leader

Dave established Blue Anchor Building Company, inspired by a restaurant that his grandfather built, and the sense of wonder for architecture and design that being inside the space stoked in him. Dave proudly continues his family's legacy of building, and he has spent more than two decades working with architects and designers.


Andrew Karcie

Project Manager

A "boat guy" who went from being a port captain to project manager on multi-million dollar projects, Andrew keeps the sailing smooth, even in rough waters. He stays on the ball, problem solves with our site superintendent to get the work done, and stays ahead of things so that homeowners can make the right decisions.


Dave McMorran

Daniel Gomez

Site Superintendent

Before he built homes, Daniel built and upholstered furniture. Since then, he has honed his masterful constructions skills over a career spanning 23 years. Daniel likes to be in charge, and he credits his success to being constant, disciplined, having a desire to teach and a willingness to learn, and doing his best, every day.


Chris Mitchell

Operations Manager

By extensively remodeling their family cabin built by his grandfather, Chris applied his experience as a designer, learned how to build and see a project to completion. He likes the envelope-pushing of modern architecture, but these days, at the job site and in the office, Chris makes sure the math adds up.

Our Carpenters (The Guys) 

We believe in building it once, and building it well, and The Guys consistently hit the mark. Their teamwork is founded on professional conduct, safety on the job and a commitment to quality.

Our Specialists

Our trusted network of special trade contractors—from roofers, steelworkers and metal fabricators, to plumbers, electricians and painters, among others—shares our collaborative ethos and commitment to a quality build.


Our Values

Our work is anchored in craftsmanship and client satisfaction. We believe that working with integrity, respect and a strong sense of shared responsibility leads to wonderful collaborations that create exceptionally built homes for discerning people.

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